840.4016/12–1745: Telegram

The Representative m Hungary (Schoenfeld) to the Secretary of State

1112. View of Embassy Praha as to degree of exaggeration in reports of treatment of Hungarians expelled from Slovakia is difficult for me to comment upon (reference Depcirtel Dec. 1466) in the absence of any copies of reports from Embassy Praha. Condition of arriving Hungarian deportees, however, is uniformly reported as being one of complete destitution as Dept has been informed through this mission and American press.

I have not received impression that territorial question was raised in revisionist spirit by Hungarians who contend it arose from position taken by Czechs that all Hungarians shall leave Slovakia without adequate provision for their future livelihood depending mainly on land apart from other rights under minority treaty or general considerations of humanity. It is claimed here that population density in Hungary is already excessive for agricultural country and especially so by comparison with Czechoslovakia following deportation [Page 951] of Germans from latter country and if entire German minority is not to be expelled from Hungary.

I cannot help but feel we are justified in advocating investigation by International Commission with view to settlement of a problem for solution of which among others we have responsibility under Yalta declaration and which if left unsettled may well lead in no distant future to complications ultimately involving us on the pattern of numerous precedents in similar circumstances in eastern Europe.

In any case it seems desirable to ascertain Soviet Govt’s attitude as apparently contemplated in Deptel 797, Dec 767 before acting upon assumption that occupation of Hungary may be unduly prolonged or Czechoslovakia reoccupied.

Sent Dept; repeated to London as 72 to Praha as 37 and to Moscow as 137.

  1. Not printed (800.00 Summaries/12–1445); it summarized the contents of telegram 721, December 11, midnight, from Praha, p. 946.
  2. Same as telegram 10634 to London, p. 943.