840.4016/11–3045: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Representative in Hungary ( Schoenfeld )

799. Please convey informally to PriMin, unless you perceive objection, Dept’s view that it would be a mistake for Hungary to count on outside support for unyielding position in controversy with Zecho on question of Hungarian minority in Zecho (reDeptel 433 Dec 3 to Praha rptd to you as 769), and that postponement of settlement would be of no benefit to either country and would be unfortunate for the people who are the subject of the dispute. You may say also that while Dept is consulting Brit and Soviet Govts on proposals contained in your 997 Nov 30, preliminary US view is that adoption of proposals [Page 945] is unlikely and that every effort should be made to achieve settlement through direct Czech-Hungarian agreement.

Dept hopes PriMin will convey our views to Gyöngyösi.

Sent Budapest rptd Praha.55

  1. As telegram 454.