840.4016/10–1945: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Czechoslovakia ( Steinhardt )

316. Please inform Czech Govt that Berlin Conference decisions did not include agreement to exchange of Hungarian population in Zecho for Czechoslovak population in Hungary and that assumption made in Czech note of Aug 1631 your despatch 43, Aug 1732 that US Govt has agreed to such exchange is without foundation in fact.

Dept’s position on this question remains as set forth in its 4462 June 4 to London (communicated to Brit Govt and by Rudolf Schoenfeld to Czech Govt) which stated our view that no unilateral action should be taken by Czech Govt to transfer, in whole or in part, its Hungarian-speaking minority, and that ethnic minority groups should be transferred only under international auspices and pursuant to appropriate international arrangements.

Inform Czech Govt that, since no such international arrangements have been made, US Govt hopes that Czech Govt will not proceed at this time with plans for the transfer from its territory of its Hungarian-speaking minority. You may add, however, that this Govt is ready to discuss question with other Allied Govts both directly and through Reps on ACC Hungary, and that, if other Govts represented on ACC have no objection, US Govt would look favorably on attempt by Czech and Hungarian Govts to work out plan directly between themselves for submission to Allied Govts.

If it is possible for discreet investigation to be made, preferably by member of your staff, in Hungarian-populated area of Slovakia where persecution and deportations allegedly taking place, Dept would find factual report very useful in further consideration of this question.

Sent to Praha, rptd to Budapest.33

  1. See footnote 29, p. 936.
  2. Not printed.
  3. As telegram 562.