764.71/9–745: Telegram

The Representative in Hungary (Schoenfeld) to the Secretary of State

551. My No. 531, September 5, section II.21 Hungarian Ministry for Foreign Affairs has submitted note of [to?] ACC (Allied Control Commission) that information has been received Rumanian Prime Minister’s22 office has published order pertaining to expulsion of Hungarians from Rumania. In accordance with alleged order Rumanian Office for Nationalities is advised to expel Hungarians under the pretext of “Fascistic activity, spreading of false rumors, fostering of sedition, lack of cooperation with Russians and sabotage”. Persons expelled are not allowed to sell properties and can only take limited amount of movable possessions. Expulsion order can only be given orally and written orders are forbidden. Order allegedly provides for publication of complaints against chauvinistic activities of Hungarians and purpose is said to be to influence plebiscite in question of Rumanian-Hungarian border which peace conference is thought likely to hold. Hungarian ACC is asked to request Rumanian ACC to demand satisfactory reply from Rumanian Government in this matter which Hungarians feel endangers friendly relations between two countries. Text of note by despatch.23

Sent to Dept as No. 551, repeated to Bucharest as No. 23.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Petru Groza.
  3. Transmitted to the Department in despatch 263, September 7, from Budapest, neither printed.