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The Combined Chiefs of Staff to the Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theater ( Morgan )

Book message to Morgan for action, to AMSSO55a pass to British Chiefs of Staff for information. This message is Fan 634 to Morgan [Page 748] from the Combined Chiefs of Staff. Reurads Naf 1069, Naf. 1071, Naf 1073, Naf 1092 and Mat 905.

All areas in Italy, including the Province of Bolzano and the communes of Colle Salvetti, Livorno, Naples and Pisa, and the fortress islands of Lampedusa, Linosa, and Pantelleria, but excepting Udine Province and that portion of Venezia Giulia west of the Morgan Line,, will be returned to Italian administration as soon as possible and in any case no longer than 21 days after receipt of this directive.
Simultaneously, in respect of any territories which may be retained under AMG, all command functions of Alcom over AMG will be performed by XIII Corps, reporting directly to AFHQ. Military personnel detached from duty with Alcom will not be utilized as AFHQ Liaison to Alcom.
At time of handover you should inform Italian Government and make public announcement to include statements that:
Udine is retained solely for military reasons and not because it is considered a disputed area.
Return of Bolzano is without prejudice to final disposal of Province under peace treaty at which Italian rights will receive full consideration.
As regards Lampedusa, Linosa, and Pantelleria, handback of these Provinces should be made at the same time, subject to your obtaining agreement of Italian Government to:
Their demilitarization.
Your retaining right of inspection to ensure that demilitarization is maintained. You should provide, if you think it necessary for Allied Officers to be stationed there, as in other parts of Italy administered by Italian Government, to ensure that immediate Allied military interests are safeguarded.
Reference Mat 881. You are completely relieved of Italian supply responsibility except for Venezia Giulia, and Province of Udine. Supplies will be the concern of the civilian departments of the United States and United Kingdom Governments or the Italian Government through its own resources for the areas covered by the Italian Government programs. Pending further instruction, you should, as President of the Allied Commission, continue to advise and assist the Italian Government in the preparation of programs of supplies for the areas covered by its programs and, when such programs have been established by the Italian Government review and transmit them with appropriate comments and recommendations to the Combined Civil Affairs Committee which will transmit them to the Combined Liberated Areas Committee for action by the appropriate civilian agencies of the United States and British Governments. You may also give assistance to the Italian Government in connection with the preparation of bids for transportation for the supplies when received in Italy. [Page 749] In addition, as Military Commander, you will have the right to communicate with the United States and United Kingdom Governments on supply matters affecting the security or redeployment of your troops.
Your channel of communication to the United States and United Kingdom Governments, both with respect to Allied Force Headquarters and Allied Commission matters will continue through the Combined Chiefs of Staff and the Combined Civil Affairs Committee in appropriate cable series. It is contemplated that necessary Italian civil supply arrangements will be handled between Allied Commission and Combined Liberated Areas Committee and use of Com-Moc cable series has been authorized for this purpose. However, you may submit any matters you deem appropriate to the Combined Chiefs of Staff or Combined Civil Affairs Committee through existing channels. Combined Chiefs of Staff or Combined Civil Affairs Committee will, where appropriate, communicate with responsible civilian agencies of the United States and United Kingdom Governments.
  1. Air Ministry Special Signals Office.