851.001/8–1045: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Caffery)

3793. For your own information. On August 6, Lacoste, French Chargé d’Affaires, informed the Acting Secretary that he had received a private message from Ambassador Bonnet asking him to ascertain informally when the President would receive General de Gaulle in Washington and stating that de Gaulle hoped that he could come as soon as possible after August 20 as he wished to return to Paris by September 1st to be there at the time of the meeting of Foreign Ministers in London. Yesterday, after the Secretary had consulted the President, Mr. Grew informed Mr. Lacoste by telephone that the President would be very happy to receive General de Gaulle on August 23.

If you have any specific recommendations regarding matters which might appropriately be raised with the General here I shall appreciate receiving them, together with an indication of such matters as you believe he is likely to want to discuss.