711.51/3–845: Telegram

Mr. Alexander C. Kirk, United States Political Adviser to the Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theater, to the Secretary of State 30

876. Macmillan31 stated last evening that he had received information from London which indicated that the British Government was deeply concerned with recent developments in Franco-American relations. He said that while he deplored de Gaulle’s decision in refusing to go to Algiers, he nevertheless could understand latter’s position. He also said that the British were very worried about present food situation in France and Churchill had directed that everything possible should be done to help the French. He said he hoped that we would be patient with de Gaulle as he is going through a difficult internal situation which is aggravated by the present food shortage.

The British Resident Minister added that he trusted the US would appreciate that the British could not afford to alienate de Gaulle as “we must make France as strong as possible so that she can assume her full role in the block we must build up in Western Europe in the interest of our own security and de Gaulle is the only man today around whom a strong France can be recreated”.

Sent Department; repeated Paris as 33.

  1. Mr. Kirk was also Ambassador in Italy.
  2. Harold Macmillan, British Minister Resident at Allied Force Headquarters, Mediterranean Theater.