Memorandum by the Second Secretary of Embassy in the United Kingdom ( Thompson ) to the Assistant Secretary of State ( Dunn )97

According to this British memorandum98 Stalin informed Churchill on June 14 that he saw no reason to defer the restoration of diplomatic relations with Finland, which was fulfilling the armistice conditions. It will be recalled that the Soviets had earlier informed us that they did not consider that the resumption of diplomatic relations with Finland before the resumption of relations with Rumania and Bulgaria would be justified.

Since we have never been at war with Finland we are in a better position to resume relations than the British and Soviets and it is believed that we should do so as soon as this can be accomplished without seriously offending the Russians. At this meeting it would appear advisable to take any opportunity that may present itself to clear the way for this action.99

L. E. Thompson
  1. Both Llewelyn E. Thompson and Assistant Secretary James C. Dunn were at this time members of the United States delegation to the Tripartite Conference held in Berlin, July 17 to August 2, 1945.
  2. An undated, unsigned British memorandum attached hereto is not printed.
  3. At the Berlin Conference it was decided that the Council of Foreign Ministers should undertake the task of preparing peace treaties with Finland and the former German satellites. It was also agreed that each of the Allies should examine separately in the near future the question of establishing diplomatic relations with the former satellites prior to the peace treaties. For documentation on the decisions taken at Berlin regarding these matters, see The Conference of Berlin (Potsdam), vol. ii, pp. 686749.