123 Higgs, L. Randolph/1–2045: Telegram

The Secretary of Mission in Finland (Higgs) to the Secretary of State

10. Zhdanov received me with full ceremony at noon today at the Latvian Legation where he is now in residence. Political representative Orlov was also present but did not take part in conversation.

After usual amenities I said our Ambassador in Moscow80 had informed Soviet Government several weeks ago of nature and purposes of United States Mission in Finland but, on possibility that this information had not been transmitted to him, I should like to apprise him directly in that regard. Zhdanov responded at once that he would like to have me do so. I then informed him in accordance with second and seventh paragraphs of Department’s 2434, December 5, [Page 626] 3 p.m., to Stockholm.81 He did not comment and I was unable to judge his reaction.

In following general conversation Zhdanov said he hoped for fullest cooperation between Allied Control Commission and our mission to which I replied I wanted to assure him of our desire to cooperate at all times.

Zhdanov showed knowledge of my previous experience in Finland and in Department on Finnish desk, and remarked he sometimes had difficulty in judging developments in Finland correctly.

Conversation was cordial throughout and was terminated on my initiative after about 20 minutes.

Please repeat to Moscow as my 7 to Moscow.