The Danish Legation to the Department of State

The Danish Minister has received a cablegraphic inquiry from certain of the Danish ship owners as to whether it is not now opportune that they send special representatives to the United States empowered to discuss and to reach a final settlement with the American authorities on the amount of just compensation. It would appear that, with the report of the Advisory Board on Just Compensation handed to Admiral Land95 on October 26th, the War Shipping Administration is authorized to make a proposal which can be accepted by the Danish owners.

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M. de Kauffmann will appreciate it if an indication can be given as to when the War Shipping Administration thinks that its studies will be sufficiently advanced to enable it to formulate its proposed offer and discuss it with representatives of the ship owners.96

  1. Vice Adm. Emory S. Land, Administrator of the War Shipping Administration and Chairman of the Maritime Commission.
  2. Appended note in long hand by the Chief of the Shipping Division, Jesse E. Saugstad, reads: “Handed to Mr. Saugstad by Mr. Bang-Jensen December 4, 1945. After discussion with Mr. Radner, Mr. Bang-Jensen was informed no useful purpose could be served by special representations at this time. J.E.S.”. William Radner was General Counsel for the War Shipping Administration.