Memorandum of Conversation, by the Assistant Chief of the Division of Northern European Affairs (Trimble)

In delivering the attached note90 regarding the desire of the Danish Government that this Government settle the question of just compensation for the Danish vessels requisitioned by us as rapidly as possible, Mr. Bang-Jensen91 remarked that he did not feel that the recent reestablishment of the Just Compensation Board92 would tend to expedite settlement of the case. He said that the matter is an extremely involved one which would require intensive study by the Board if the mere announcement of “legal platitudes” was to be avoided and that he was afraid that the Board would not be able to devote the necessary time to the matter. Mr. Bang-Jensen added that he was disturbed at the reopening of the burden question since it was his understanding that the late President,93 Mr. Hull, Mr. Welles94 and Mr. Berle had all assured the Danish Minister that this point would not be raised.

In conclusion, Mr. Bang-Jensen said that it was extremely important to Denmark that the claims case be settled as quickly as possible, mentioning in this connection that Denmark would probably be unable to meet the interest payment due in January 1946 on outstanding dollar loans because of the practical exhaustion of its dollar balances.

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