859.85/10–345: Telegram

The Minister in Denmark (Davis) to the Secretary of State

461. Kauffmann seemed optimistic regarding prospect for early settlement Danish claim for ship turned over the US Government since he had succeeded in getting Prime Minister,83 other officials and representatives shipping lines with single exception of A. P. Moller,84 in agreement as to Danish position. He hopes that Moller will not be too difficult and satisfactory settlement can be effected soon after his return US. I refrained from discussing details with Kauffmann but gained impression that he is more objective about matter than he was when he discussed it with me first in Washington and later in London during May. He feels the importance of prompt settlement for both political and economic reasons. It is hoped Department will keep Legation informed of progress of negotiations.

  1. Vilhelm Buhl.
  2. Arnold Peter Moller, managing owner of the Svendborg Steamship Company and the 1912 Steamship Company.