The Danish Minister ( Kauffmann ) to the Secretary of State

Sir: Article V of the Agreement between Denmark and the United States of America for the Defense of Greenland, signed April 9, 1941, provides “that since the paramount objective sought is the early attainment of an adequate defense establishment in Greenland, the utilization of any area deemed by the Government of the United States of America to be needed for this purpose shall not be delayed pending the reaching of an agreement upon the precise terms of a formal lease. A description of such areas, by metes and bounds, and a statement of the purpose for which they are needed shall in each case be communicated to the Danish authorities in Greenland as soon as practicable, and the negotiation of a formal lease shall be undertaken within a reasonable period of time thereafter.”

On September 19th and 22nd, 1944, an exchange of notes49 took place between Mr. Cordell Hull50 and myself by which it was agreed that, without prejudice to the Danish rights set forth in Article V of the Agreement, the existing procedure should be continued and the question of the negotiation of formal leases to the defense areas should be postponed for future negotiation between the Government of the United States and a free Danish Government, when such a government had been established.

Immediately following the liberation of Denmark from German occupation, the Agreement of April 9, 1941 was ratified by the Danish Government. The question of negotiating formal leases to the defense areas in Greenland has thereafter been considered by the Government in Copenhagen and I am now instructed to convey the following communication to the American Government:

It has been a source of great satisfaction to the Danish people that Denmark has had an opportunity to make a contribution to the war [Page 579] effort through the placing of Danish territory at the disposal of the United States in the fight against the common enemy.

The Danish Government feel that they are in complete harmony with the spirit of the people of Denmark when they express the wish not to receive any payment for the use made during the war by the American armed forces of defense areas in Greenland.

The Danish Government therefore hereby waive their rights in regard to any remuneration due to Denmark in virtue of Article V of the Agreement of April 9, 1941, for the use made during the war of the defense areas in question.

I avail myself [etc.]

Henrik Kauffmann
  1. Neither printed.
  2. Former Secretary of State who resigned November 21, 1944.