659.01/1–2745: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Minister in Sweden (Johnson)

212. It is desired by the Department that the following secret message be delivered to Erling Foss and Ebbe Munck20 with the request that they transmit it through their own channels to the Freedom [Page 564] Council and political party leaders (Department’s 202 February 5, 1 p.m.21). Delivery should be delayed until February 15 in order to give the British and Soviet Governments time to furnish us with such comments, if any, they may care to make. No comment should, of course, be made to Foss and Munck on our views concerning probable Soviet reaction at this time to the request for a tripartite statement.

[Here follows text of the proposed secret message to the Danish Freedom Council and party leaders as contained in telegram 216, February 2, 1945, 10 p.m. to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union, supra.]

Since the Department understands that the second paragraph of Mr. Hull’s statement of July 12 beginning “There is no Danish Government” was not published in Frit Danmark22 and therefore may not be available to either Foss or Munck, you are requested to furnish them with the full text of this statement as contained in radio bulletin no. 167, dated July 12, 1944.

  1. Hans Ebbe Munck, Danish newspaper correspondent who served as a representative of the Danish Freedom Council and a liaison between the Danish resistance movement and the Allied Governments.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Newspaper of the Danish underground resistance.