The Danish Minister (Kauffmann) to the Secretary of State

Sir: Through confidential channels I have received yesterday the following secret message from Copenhagen with the request to transmit it to the Government of the United States of America:

“The Danish Freedom Council1 and leaders of the country’s four largest political parties herewith request the Governments of Great Britain, United States and Soviet Union to recognise Denmark as an ally of the fighting nations. We base this appeal, which is made in association with statement previously set forth by His Majesty King Christian X, on the clear desire of the entire Danish Nation on the contribution which Denmark has already rendered in the form of sabotage and on resistance which is planned and will be put into effect the moment the Allies consider it appropriate. To the Danish people recognition as an ally will come as an encouragement and a further strengthening for decisive struggle. We stress the fact that this appeal is put forward in unity and that we likewise unite in our will to maintain solidarity of the Danish people after the war by formation of the country’s first free Government and formulation of its fundamental programme in mutual agreement.”


Danish Council of Freedom,

Social Democratic Party,

Conservative Peoples Party,

“Radical Left” Party (Liberal Party)

“Left” Party (Farmers Party).

Please accept [etc.]

Henrik Kauffmann
  1. Organized in August 1943 and containing representatives of all groups actively opposing German rule, the Danish Freedom Council formulated a unified policy and methodical program of resistance against the Germans.
  2. A cover sheet for the Danish Minister’s note reads as follows: “The original document is signed by Denmark’s Freedom Council and the Political Parties, the leaders of which have signed as follows:

    For Social Democratic Party, Vilhelm Buhl;

    For Conservative Peoples Party, Ole Bjoern Kraft;

    For ‘Radical Left’ (Liberal) Party, Joergen Joergensen;

    For ‘Left’ (Farmers) Party, Knud Christensen.

    These names must be kept absolutely confidential.”