860F.24/10–3145: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Czechoslovakia ( Steinhardt )

348. Commercial Counselor of Czechoslovak Embassy called at Dept to inquire, on instructions from his Govt, which countries had been granted credits by US, also which had applied for credits and amounts. He reported Czecho statement of requirements would soon be completed. He asked if Dept would request Embassy to point out to Czech Govt urgency of proposed cotton credit. He was told that this was an internal matter. Urtel 442, Oct 4 and Deptel 300, Oct 12 regarding Czech Govt requesting Russian assurances not to seize cotton or textiles produced therefrom, Dept suggested to him [Page 555] that Czecho might wish to inform Russians regarding cotton credit and that US was granting credit for benefit of Czecho and expected that cotton would not be seized. When credit is actually granted, Dept intends to inform Russians explaining to them purpose for reconstruction and rehabilitation of Czecho.