740.00116 EW/9–2645: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom ( Winant ) to the Secretary of State

10002. Re Department telegram 7841, Sept. 11. Foreign Office official directly concerned with repatriation alleged Quislings told [Page 529] us this afternoon that Foreign Office is very anxious to coordinate its policy with ours. He said Foreign Office was anxious that all eastern European countries be treated alike in this regard and felt that to meet Czech request for release of designated Slovaks without requiring prima facie evidence would make it very difficult later on to refuse similar requests from Yugoslavs and Poles. He said Foreign Office was also very anxious to avoid releasing any person who might be persecuted because his political views did not correspond with those of party in power in any given eastern European govt. He admitted that Czechs in many respects can be regarded as western rather than eastern European power but reiterated view that it would be very difficult to refuse to repatriate alleged Quislings to other eastern European states if Czech requests were met. He repeatedly emphasized desire of Foreign Office to coordinate its general policy with Depts in re release of alleged Quislings but offered no observations re individual alleged Slovak Quisling listed in Department tel cited above. Although Embassy communicated substance of Dept’s instruction cited above by letter to Foreign Office, foregoing information was given to us orally and we were told that written reply to our letter would not be made.