The Czechoslovak Ambassador ( Hurban ) to the Acting Secretary of State

Excellency: Upon the instructions of my Government, I have the honor to submit to Your Excellency the following request:—

The Czechoslovak Government has been informed that the Allied Military Authorities have apprehended and now detain the following Czechoslovak nationals:

Jozef Tiso, the so-called President of the so-called Slovak State;
Béla Tuka, Štefan Tiso, Mikulás Pružinský, Géza Medrický, Aladár Kočiš, members, at different periods, of the so-called Slovak Governments in Bratislava;51
Tomas Kubala, C.I.T.52 of the assult sections of the Hlinka Guards.

These persons escaped from Czechoslovakia when the country was liberated and placed themselves under the protection of the German authorities. They are indicted for criminal offences against Czechoslovakia, ranging from high treason, treason—felony and kindred offences—which they perpetrated in their office, or for the benefit of Germany—to participation, in varying degrees, in a number of criminal offences against public order, person and private and public property, committed prior to, and during the existence of the Bratislava régime.

To characterize their treasonable actions, it is sufficient to recall their collusion with Hitler, resulting in the proclamation of an “Independent Slovak State”, which immediately sought and obtained the protection of Germany. The foreign policy of this “state” was formally and materially subordinated to Germany. The Bratislava “governments” of which the above-mentioned persons were prominent members, closely collaborated with Germany in all matters. During their rule they introduced and enforced Nazi principles and methods in Slovak political life and administration, and persecuted not only their political opponents, but every loyal citizen of the Republic. They pursued [Page 526] an anti-Jewish policy on racial and religious grounds. Their economic policy was subservient to Germany and impoverished the country. They declared war on Soviet Russia and Great Britain and the United States of America and sent into Russia and later into Italy, Slovak troops who at the first opportunity passed over to the Allies.

Their odious actions culminated during the Slovak uprising, which aimed at liberating the country from German domination and restoring the Czechoslovak Republic. They sabotaged the preparations and efforts of the patriots and in every possible way assisted the Germans in their remorseless repression of the uprising.

For these reasons the Czechoslovak Government asks for the surrender of the above-named persons to the Czechoslovak authorities.
As other persons, who escaped to Germany, after having taken part in the activities of the Bratislava regime, as politicians, members of the Government, officials or other agents, may have fallen into the hands of Allied authorities, the Czechoslovak Government would be grateful, if such individuals were likewise surrendered to the Czechoslovak authorities.
The Czechoslovak Government expresses a similar request in respect of persons of the aforesaid categories who in future may be apprehended by the Allied authorities.
At the same time the Czechoslovak Government asks for the surrender of SS Gruppenfuehrer Hans Elard Ludin, Hitler’s envoy to Bratislava. In his capacity as high official of the Nazi administration, H. E. Ludin actively participated in the political and economic oppression of Slovakia, the terrorizing of the Slovak people and the letting of Slovak property. On his instructions and under his direction Slovaks were sent abroad to work for Germany and others were carried away to concentration camps.

In transmitting to Your Excellency this request, I wish to add that a communication on identical terms is being addressed by the Czechoslovak Ambassador in London to the Government of the United Kingdom.

Accept, [etc.]

V. I. Hurban
  1. Tuka and Štefan Tiso served as Premiers, Pružinský as Minister of Finance, Medrický as Minister of National Economy, and Kepis’ as Minister of Education in the former Slovak State.
  2. Not further identified.