860F.014/7–945: Telegram

The Chargé in Czechoslovakia (Klieforth) to the Secretary of State

69. Reference Moscow’s 15 July 3.42 I agree fully with Harriman’s views regarding incorporation of Ruthenia. While Czechoslovakia [Page 521] gladly got rid of Ruthenia, as it was a real burden on the state, the authorities are very apprehensive of public opinion in US fearing that they will be accused of “selling Ruthenia down the river” as a matter of appeasement. The Czechs frankly are ashamed of the deal, as it was realized that the vast majority of Ruthenians would have voted against it if given a chance. I learned reliably that the main objection to Allied diplomats landing in Constanza en route to Praha was desire to prevent them from learning true situation in Ruthenia. Exact new boundary line between Czechoslovakia and Ruthenia now being negotiated here by commission of three Slovak and three Ukrainian (Russian) Army officers. The railroad line mentioned in Harriman’s telegram is well within Ruthenia and the new border according to Russian General Staff map used as basis of negotiations by Russians is about 25 kilometers west of 1920 boundary line.

Sent to Dept rpted Moscow as 18.

  1. Same as telegram 2395, July 3, noon, from Moscow, supra.