740.0011 EW/4–1945

Memorandum for the Secretary of State, Prepared in the Department of State51

A vigorous protest should be made concerning the delay in the establishment of our diplomatic representation to the Czechoslovak Government. Our representatives, who were prepared to leave London on March 29 with representatives of other states accredited to the Czechoslovak Government, did not leave due to Soviet objections. However, the Soviet Ambassador proceeded to Czechoslovakia with President Beneš. This action not only caused our Mission great embarrassment but has seriously complicated the process of providing representation to an Allied state. We should demand that our Mission to Czechoslovakia be admitted immediately and given absolute equality with the Soviet representative in matters of communication and transportation.

  1. File copy not signed. This was one of several memoranda prepared for the Secretary of State on questions which he might wish to raise with Soviet Foreign Commissar Molotov. Molotov was head of the Soviet delegation to the United Nations Conference at San Francisco, April 25–June 26, 1945. For documentation regarding this Conference, see vol. i, pp. 1 ff. The Czechoslovak question was raised by the Secretary during a meeting with Molotov on May 2. See footnote 88, p. 450.