874.00/8–1845: Telegram

The United States Representative in Bulgaria (Barnes) to the Secretary of State

450. Adjusting itself to resignation of opposition, Minister of Regime has appointed Alexander Obbov to replace Petkov as Minister without Portfolio and temporarily to administer Minister of Agriculture; Stefan Tonchev, another Communist-dominated Agrarian, is taking Derzhanski’s place as Minister of Communications; George Popov, Neikojv specialist, replaces Cheshmedjiev as Minister of Social Policy; Stancho Cholekov, former Minister of Education, will temporarily administer Minister [Ministry] of Finance. Instability of political situation doubtless explains failure of Prime Minister to find anyone willing to accept responsibility of Finance Ministry; probably same in case of Agriculture. In effect only change is that tools of Communist political bureau replace men who finally showed courage of their convictions by refusing further to contribute to disintegration of democratic forces. I believe that before the 26th of the month is reached more resignations perhaps even one or two regents may occur.

Repeated Moscow as 231.