811.91274/8–1745: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative in Bulgaria (Barnes)

258. In line with Potsdam decisions and President’s August 9 address Dept has obtained from their home offices the names of correspondents of representative American press associations and newspapers desiring entry into Poland, Bulgaria, Rumania and Hungary.

Dept wishes to implement these decisions immediately and accordingly desires you to ask General Crane to request ACC clearance for entry into Bulgaria of the following American correspondents who would enter individually:

Christian Science Monitor—Reuben Markham, now in Boston.

Associated Press—W. B. King, now in Athens.

United Press—Robert Meyer, now in Rome.

International News Service—Desider Geleji, now in Belgrade, and Mrs. Mary V. R. Thayer, en route from US to Belgrade.

New York Times—Sam Pope Brewer, now in Istanbul.

Chicago Tribune—David Darrah, now in Paris, who would visit Bulgaria after Rumania.

Nation and PM—Hal Lehrman, now in Belgrade.

When clearance is granted inform Dept and appropriate American authorities at above indicated points of origin in Europe.

Unquestionably, Dept will begin receiving other applications and will submit them to you as received.

As you undoubtedly know, Markham has been pressing for some months to enter Bulgaria, where the Monitor plans to restation him. [Page 294] White House is also interested in facilitating entry of Markham into Bulgaria and Dept hopes some of above may be able to reach Bulgaria in time to cover August 26 elections.