740.00116 EW/6–645

The Albanian Prime Minister (Hoxha) to President Truman 92


Excellency: In the name of the Democratic Government of Albania, I have the honor to invite your attention to the following:

The Albanian Central Commission for the Discovery of Crimes, of War Criminals and Enemies of the People, on February 23, 1945, requested the International Commission for the Discovery of Crimes and War Criminals to hand over a number of Albanian war criminals found in concentration camps in Italy such as Bari, Lecce, Salerno and others. This legitimate request of the Albanian people has not only not been replied to but we ascertain with regret that the most despicable war criminals, such as Ali Këlcyra, Midhat Frashëri, Abas Kupi, Kadri Cakrani, Koco Muka, Vehip Runa93 and many others, instead of being detained in concentration camps and treated as [Page 35] enemies in keeping with their bold collaboration with Nazi Germans are treated most favorably and are permitted in the cities of Italy to continue their fascist intrigues to the detriment of our people and the progress of humanity.

Such treatment of Albanian war criminals who have committed so many atrocities in our country can only be a source of astonishment to the Albanian people who have had such resolute confidence in the great justice for which they spilled so much blood.

The fact that these war criminals have not been delivered into the hands of the Albanian authorities by virtue of the decision of the Conference of Moscow94 which provided clearly that every war criminal would be judged in the country where he had committed his crimes and the favorable treatment which the Allied authorities accord them in Italy constitute an injustice and at the same time an offense toward the Albanian people who have made so many sacrifices for the common cause.

Having absolute confidence in the great justice of your government and of yourself, in the name of the Democratic Government of Albania and of the Albanian people, I pray that you will take consideration of this matter and reexamine this just and legitimate request of our people.

Please accept [etc.]

The President of the Council of Ministers of the Democratic Government of Albania
Enver Hoxha

  1. Harry S. Truman became President of the United States on April 12, 1945, following the death of President Roosevelt.

    This document was transmitted to the Department in despatch 24, June 6 from Tirana, not printed. Signed copy was sent to the White House. According to telegram 30, June 3, 2 p.m., from Tirana, similar letters were sent to Prime Minister Churchill and Marshal Stalin (740.00116/6–345).

  2. Ali Kelcyra (or Klissura), Mithat (or Midehat) Frasheri, Kadri Cakrani and Koco Muka were leaders in the anti-Communist Albanian nationalist political movement Balli Kombëtar which disintegrated during 1944. Abaz Kupi was the leader of the “Legality Movement” which was formed in November 1943 and proclaimed its loyalty to the exiled King Zog of Albania. The “Legality Movement” also collapsed during 1944. Vehip Runa was a former Albanian provincial official. All of these persons had been evacuated from Albania and had been interned by Allied military authorities.
  3. For text of the Declaration of German Atrocities by President Roosevelt, Prime Minister Churchill, and Marshal Stalin, issued at Moscow on November 1, 1943, see Foreign Relations, 1943, vol. i, p. 768.