875.01/4–1745: Telegram

The Secretary of State to Mr. Alexander C. Kirk, Political Adviser to the Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theater, at Caserta

344. ReDeptel 308 April 7, points 16c and 17. For Jacobs. In the Department’s view your 1483 April 1275 touches on a phase of developments in Albania which is of considerable importance; for elections, local or national, involve the problem of establishing government that is representative of the will of the Albanian people and bear accordingly on the obligations assumed by this Government under the Crimea Declaration on Liberated Europe and also set forth earlier by the President in his annual message to the Congress on January 6, 1945. The Department appreciates that the replacement of political party “Front Councils” by elected governmental councils has a constructive aspect. At the same time these elections, if conducted on a basis precluding any real freedom of choice, may be a step toward consolidating governmental authority of an unrepresentative character. Therefore, the Department suggests that following the entry of your mission into Albania you report any pertinent facts in the above connection, together with any evaluation or recommendations; you may wish to make.

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We have noted also, with reference to points 2d and 4 of Field Marshal Alexander’s directive to Brigadier Hodgson (Reurdes 1102 March 2476) that Hodgson is to “advise on and assist with the distribution of propaganda” and that a PWE77 officer and a small staff will be attached to his mission to assist in this task. The Department had not planned to attach an equivalent American officer to your group, but we should like to have, after your arrival in Albania, your evaluation of the arguments for and against the assignment of a public relations officer, or an OWI78 representative, to your mission.

  1. Not printed; it stated that reports had been received of local elections-throughout Albania for the purpose of choosing members of local government councils which were to become local organs of the central government and would take over authority from the provisional national liberation councils. (875.01/4–1245).
  2. Not printed; it transmitted to the Department a copy of a directive dated January 24, 1945, from Field Marshal Alexander designating Brig. D. E. P. Hodgson as Commander of the British Military Mission to Albania. Brigadier Hodgson would represent the Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theater at the headquarters of the Albanian National Liberation Army; his primary task was to maintain friendly relations with the Albanian National Liberation Front and the Albanian National Liberation Army pending decision as to the recognition of a government in Albania (740.00119 Control (Albania)/3–2445).
  3. Political Warfare Executive.
  4. Office of War Information.