875.01/3–2545: Telegram

Mr. Alexander C. Kirk, Political Adviser to the Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theater, to the Secretary of State

1161. Following is English translation of French text of Hoxha’s reply as reported in my 1139, March 25.62

Translation. Tirana, March 24, 1945. To the Political Adviser of the United States of America at Caserta.

The Democratic Government of Albania accepts with satisfaction the proposal of the Department of State for Foreign Affairs of the [Page 18] United States presented in a memorandum from the Political Adviser of the United States at Caserta dated March 23, 1945 and submitted through Captain Thomas Stefan as intermediary for sending into Albania a limited group of representatives for the purpose of facilitating the recognition of our Democratic Government.

In order to assure the facilities necessary to this group for the accomplishment of their mission and in order to be able to give the necessary orders concerning their free entry into Albania, the Democratic Government desires to obtain a list designating the names of the persons who will make up the group of this mission. Signed Colonel General Enver Hoxha, President of the Council of Ministers of the Democratic Government of Albania. End translation.64

  1. Not printed; it reported that an affirmative reply had been received from Hoxha and expressed the hope that the Department would designate the members of the group to go to Tirana as observers as soon as possible, as quick action would make a good impression (875.01/3–2545).
  2. Telegram 1518, April 13, from Caserta, reported that the mission was informed by a letter dated April 12 from the Chief of the Ministerial Council of the Albanian regime that it was free to enter Albania with no conditions attached (875.01/4–1345).