740.00119 Control (Bulgaria)/1–945: Telegram

The United States Representative in Bulgaria (Barnes) to the Secretary of State

23. Please see my 46, December 27, 4 p.m.,17 and No. 5, January 4, 3 p.m. I assume that the Department sees General Crane’s telegrams to the Joint Chiefs of Staff and is therefore aware that the Russian authorities here persist in the view that they, and they alone, shall determine the number of our personnel in Bulgaria. Also the recent refusal of the Russians to clear a mail plane and to permit our graves registration personnel to circulate emphasis [emphasizes] once again to what extent we are isolated here and restricted in our movements.

If circumstance[s] exist which make it desirable for the American Government to accept such treatment without protest, we, on the spot, are fully prepared to accommodate ourselves to the situation, but both the General and I believe that it should be made clear to us whether such is or is not the case, so that our action locally may always be in line with the views obtaining in Washington. The Department’s guidance at this time would therefore be greatly appreciated.

Repeated to Moscow as 12 and to Caserta as No. 10.