811.79600/7–2145: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy ( Kirk ) to the Secretary of State

2051. To note verbale submitted by Embassy to Foreign Office in pursuance of your telegram 1113, July 5, 7 p.m. (see my telegram 1993, July 16, 3 p.m.77), I have now received a note verbale from Foreign Office substance of which paraphrased reads as follows:

Ministry acknowledges receipt of note verbale from the US Embassy in which the latter besides courteously supplying information regarding foreseen developments of the commercial airlines approved by CAB (Civil Aeronautics Board) requests from the Italian Government temporary concession of rights of transit and of non-commercial stop in Italian territory and of rights to take [on] and set down cargo, passengers and post at Rome.

Ministry informs Embassy in this connection that Italian Government is glad to accede to such request for temporary rights on Italian territory metropolitan or non-metropolitan; this (to be) until it will be possible for it to negotiate the matter of a formal convention.

Italian Government, also with the intention of assisting the traffic established by CAB, desires in the meantime to have the possibility that also the internal Italian air services may converge in the bases chosen beforehand so that they may be able to direct their own traffic to the international lines and be fed by the latter for the shunting of traffic to other Italian destinations. End paraphrase.

In oral discussions of the foregoing the Foreign Office, in answer to a question regarding the last paragraph of Italian note, stated that the desire set forth in that paragraph was not intended to be a condition to the concession granted in the earlier portion of note. I wish to add that Italian authorities have manifested a cooperative desire to do what is wished by Department in matter of landing rights and while it would appear that Italian note is adequate statement for [Page 1329] Department’s purposes, it seems probable that in case any change of wording should be desired this can be obtained from Foreign Office. Copies of Italian note and Embassy’s note to which it replies are being forwarded by pouch.78

Sent Department, repeated Caserta 410.

  1. Not printed.
  2. Despatch 1960, July 24, 1945, and enclosures not printed.