811.79600/7–545: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Italy ( Kirk )

1113. Info in Depcirtel July 572 may be conveyed to FonOff. At same time you should request Ital Govt to grant US Govt temporary rights for US civil air services (without specific mention TWA73) to transit and make nontraffic stops in Ital territory as well as right to pick up and set down international traffic in passengers, cargo and mail at Rome. You may also inform Ital Govt that we believe matter of permanent or more definite rights for US airlines and the question [Page 1327] of reciprocal rights for Ital Govt cannot be discussed until negotiation of peace treaty.

Substance of foregoing should also be conveyed to your Brit, French and USSR colleagues for info their Govts, adding that we assume their Govts may wish to make similar interim arrangements with Italy covering operation their respective civil air services, in which event we of course have no objection.

For your info Dept most anxious obtain above rights from Italy soonest possible, particularly in view of activities other countries in reestablishing their own intl air routes.

  1. Not printed: it reported that the Civil Aeronautics Board, with President Truman’s approval, had announced on July 5, 1945, the issuance of certificates to three United States airlines to operate commercial services over three specified routes. One of the routes included Rome as one of its stops and a second route provided for a connecting link from Madrid to Rome.
  2. Transcontinental & Western Air, Inc., the airline authorized by CAB to operate commercial service to Rome.