865.7962/2–2045: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in Italy ( Kirk )68a

354. Department’s airgram A–41 of April 22, 194469 to Murphy, Algiers, for attention of Allied Control Commission, suggested that general landing rights in Italy for United States airlines be obtained at an opportune time.

What we have in mind is an arrangement whereby the Italian Government agrees to grant to the United States Government landing rights and transit rights in Italy, under which we could designate one or more American airlines to operate into and through Italy under the routes proposed by our CAB.70 Such permission should include the right of transit and non-traffic stop, as well as the right to pick up and discharge traffic at specified points in Italy. No limitation should be imposed on the frequency of international schedules or on the volume of traffic which American planes could carry into or out of Italy. We of course would have no objection if similar rights were granted to airlines of other United Nations, always provided our airlines receive most-favored-nation treatment.

This Government is negotiating reciprocal air transport agreements with a number of countries, but in the case of Italy it is not possible, at least for the present, to grant reciprocity for Italian airlines to fly to the United States.

It is anticipated that our Civil Aeronautics Board will shortly designate one or more American airlines to operate through Italy with a commercial stop at Rome. Please discuss the above matter with the Italian authorities or with the Allied Commission, and indicate by telegraph how such rights may be acquired at this time.

  1. Alexander C. Kirk was also United States Political Adviser to the Supreme Allied Commander, Mediterranean Theater. In this capacity, his office was located at Caserta.
  2. Not printed.
  3. Civil Aeronautics Board.