865.6363/9–1945: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Kirk) to the Secretary of State

2787. British Embassy has supplied me with copy of a note verbale which it is submitting to Italian Govt today with respect to arrangement for supplying Italian essential petroleum requirements. Note [Page 1318] in question appears to constitute a review of the same points as were contained in Depts airgram A–99 of March 359 with certain adaptations such as were communicated to this Embassy in numbered paragraphs 1, 2 and 3 of urtel 1395, August 20. Note contains also paragraph stating that British Govt looks to Italian Govt for satisfactory assurance on the three points set forth in section 2 of urtel 1395.

As regards the communication on the same subject which this Embassy is instructed to make to Italian Govt in urtel 1592, Sept 14, it is my interpretation that our communication should not contain a review of Department’s circular airgram of March 3 amended by the three numbered paragraphs of urtel 1395 but should confine itself to the information contained in second and third paragraphs of urtel 1592 and the instructions contained in last two paragraphs thereof. Am withholding communication to Italian Govt pending your instruction on this point hence please reply urgently.

  1. Not printed.