865.6363/8–2945: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Kirk) to the Secretary of State

2499. British Embassy states that it has not yet received instructions for inviting Italian Govt to participate in petroleum supply arrangement. This Embassy is ready to act in pursuance of your telegram 1395, Aug. 20, 6 p.m. Civilian Petroleum Adviser Frothingham feels most strongly that we should present to Italian Government memorandum envisaged in your telegram under reference without further delay since it is most essential Italian authorities know of proposed procedure at once and so Comitato Italiano Petroli can start immediately necessary discussions with Government for implementation of program. Otherwise he points out there is grave risk that arrangements cannot be completed by the date (October 1) proposed for initiation of program.

[Page 1316]

Please instruct urgently whether we shall present memorandum after discussing changes proposed by Department’s 1395, August 20, with British Embassy but without awaiting for them to receive official instructions from London.