865.6363/3–345: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy (Kirk) to the Secretary of State

590. See my 459, February 17, 7 p.m.43 While to date decree for legalizing CIP has not been published in Official Gazette and measure has therefore not yet become law, Petroleum Adviser West and AC officials participating in meeting reported in my telegram under reference point out that the delay does not exceed the period of 2 weeks or more which normally attends official publication of measures approved by Council of Ministers. They assume that publication is only a matter of days.

In the meantime (see Department’s 421, February 28, 9 p.m.)43 I have deferred presenting the note transmitted in Department’s 263, February 10, 1 a.m., since text of that note presupposes the prior enactment of the CIP decree, and since it was feared that prior presentation of note might conceivably have an adverse effect on the fate of the decree. British Embassy has deferred action for the same reasons.

I should appreciate being so instructed in case Department wishes note to be presented without waiting for publication of decree in question.

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