The Italian Ambassador (Tarchiani) to the Acting Secretary of State


Dear Mr. Grew: As you are probably aware, an Italian technical delegation is now operating in the United States for the purpose of procuring materials and goods for the reconstruction of Italy and of expediting as much as possible their shipment to Italy.

The work which is being accomplished by such delegation is of the highest importance for the economic rehabilitation of Italy, because it is meant to procure those essential items, the lack of which, it is easily foreseen, would bring about a complete disrupture of the Italian economic system, already so shaken by the war.

On June 7, 1945 a list of materials (coal, liquid fuel, raw materials) was sent to the Foreign Economic Administration in Washington by the Allied Commission in Rome. The delivery of such materials should take place during the month of September. In order to obtain deliveries in September, it would be necessary now that some exceptional measure be taken so that the placing of orders by the Treasury, the loading and shipping, be expedited to the maximum.

I am certain that you will realize the extreme importance for my country to receive as early as possible the above said goods, since from the fulfillment of the program will depend the possibility of [Page 1287] keeping our workers employed, the industrial plants running and transportation active.

I shall therefore be very grateful to you for any steps which you will deem possible to take in this connection and I thank you heartily for your kind and friendly interest in the matter.

Believe me [etc.]

Alberto Tarchiani