855.001 Leopold/7–1645: Telegram

The Ambassador in Belgium (Sawyer) to the Acting Secretary of State

946. For Secretary Byrnes85 from Sawyer. As a reminder of our conversation of yesterday, in order to carry out plan agreed upon I suggest following:

Eisenhower should receive through his military superiors in Washington authority to tell King US Army will transport him and members of his family and immediate entourage to any destination desired without condition, except that this transportation will not be available after one week from date message is delivered to King. Personally, I would shorten time but in any event would not give him more than one week.

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Meanwhile, I would furnish no more transportation for visitors to King. Furthermore, would tell him if he refuses or neglects to avail himself of this offer by end of period in question we will no longer furnish him with rations and he will be completely on his own to deal freely, of course, with Belgian authorities or others, but with no responsibility of any kind whatsoever on us.

Repeated to Dept as 946.

  1. The Secretary attended the Conference of Berlin, July 17–August 2, 1945.