740.00119 Control (Italy) /5–445: Telegram

The Ambassador in Italy ( Kirk ) to the Secretary of State

1148. The current developments affecting Trieste and Venezia Giulia are being reported to the Department by AmPolAd. I can only emphasize the fact that a weakening of the Allied position hitherto held as to that area and a concession to Tito therefore not only seriously endangers any possibility of equilibrium in Italy at the moment of the liberation of the north (see my 1113, May 2, 5 p.m.)9 but is bound to reflect to the grave detriment of Allied authority not only as affecting the immediate postwar situation but also in the light of the justice of future settlements. As nothing but firmness is understood by certain governments and as adherence to principles is universally expected from the United States, I submit that both for practical and for moral reasons Allied control over Trieste and the necessary lines of communication must be held and that a departure from a strong stand while the Allies have the military power on the spot can only operate against the establishment of future stability in Europe.

  1. Not printed.