740.00119 Control (Italy)/5–245: Telegram

The Ambassador in Yugoslavia (Patterson) to the Secretary of State

62. Deptel 61 April 29.6 I have kept in constant touch with my British colleague on question of Venezia Giulia and assume British have informed you of exchange of messages between SACMED and Tito. Since Tito did not agree to SACMED proposals Stevenson last night recommended to Foreign Office that:

Tito be informed jointly by United States and British Governments that SACMED has been instructed to carry out plan set forth in his message to Tito April 30.
Tito should be requested to order his local commanders to conform therewith.
It would be of great assistance if Moscow could be persuaded to support these recommendations.

In view of danger of conflict between Allies and Yugoslav forces I believe action along lines specified above should be taken at once.

[Sent] Department as 62 Caserta as 24.

  1. See footnote 90, p. 1127.