740.00119 Control (Italy)/4–2945: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in the Soviet Union ( Harriman )

975. The Combined Chiefs of Staff today approved solution of administration of Venezia Giulia (in northeast Italy) along following lines:

SAC should establish and maintain AMG in

Entire compartment of Venezia Giulia (comprised of the provinces of Fiume, Pola, Trieste, Gorizia) but excluding Zara.
In city and environs of Tarvis.

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Anglo-American Military Government will work through local authorities found in these regions of whatever nationality. Civil authorities will be responsible to AMG in all cases. In requesting Yugoslav Government to withdraw in post-operational phase all Yugoslav forces from areas described in (a) and (b) Soviet agreement will be requested. Interim administration of Zara and certain Adriatic Islands should be conducted in the name of SAC, although in practice he may have to permit Yugoslavs to administer these areas.

(Department’s 59489 and 595 of March 14) Please inform the Soviet Foreign Office of the above which represents the position of the US Government on this question. You should tell the Foreign Office that we intend to inform the Yugoslav Government of this position and our expectation that its forces and local administrations already in the area will cooperate with the Allied forces in the implementation of directive. For urgent military reasons the plan must be implemented in immediate future and therefore our views must be conveyed to the Yugoslavs within the next few days. In view of importance of this matter it is earnest hope of U. S. Government that Soviet Government will associate itself with the British and American Governments in this communication to the Yugoslavs and that they will indicate their agreement before the approach is made to the Yugoslavs. You should of course concert with your British colleague who will receive similar instruction in your approach to the Foreign Office.

Sent to Moscow. Repeated to London, Caserta, and Belgrade.90

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  2. As Nos. 3355, 404, and 61, respectively.