Memorandum by the Acting Secretary of State to Mr. William Phillips, Special Assistant to the Secretary of State

Mr. Phillips: If you concur in Mr. Hackworth’s recommendations in the appended memorandum of April 1130 with reference to the recent policy regarding coastal fisheries and the natural resources of the continental shelf, already approved by Mr. Dunn and Mr. Butler,31 it will be helpful if you will have a talk with Mr. Dooman and ask him to undertake the responsibility for the consultations with the interested governments under the general direction and supervision of yourself in the absence of Mr. Dunn. In the case of Mexico and Cuba, it would, of course, be expected that there would be close cooperation with Mr. Butler in the absence of Mr. Rockefeller.32

J[oseph] C. G[rew]
  1. Not printed; it recommended that Eugene H. Dooman, Special Assistant to Assistant Secretary of State Dunn, be assigned responsibility for consultations with foreign governments. It was further suggested that the political officer charged with responsibility for relations with the respective countries would assist Mr. Dooman. (811.0145/8–345)
  2. George H. Butler, Chief of the Division of River Plate Affairs, served as Acting Director, Office of American Republic Affairs. Mr. Butler gave his consent to Mr. Dooman’s assignment on April 24. Mr. Dunn had concurred on April 20.
  3. Nelson A. Rockefeller, Assistant Secretary of State.