811.79600/7–545: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to Certain American Diplomatic Officers 10

Civil Aeronautics Board, with President’s approval, today announced issuance of certificates to three US airlines to operate commercial services as described below.

Pan American Airways: one route from US via Newfoundland, Foynes, London, Brussels, Prague, Vienna, Budapest, Bucharest, Istanbul (with another route sector Vienna–Belgrade–Istanbul), Ankara, Beirut, Baghdad, Karachi (with another route sector Ankara–Tehran–Karachi) to Calcutta. Another route from US via Bermuda and Azores to Lisbon, with one sector proceeding to London and another to Barcelona and Marseille.

American Export Airlines: one route from US via Labrador, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Stockholm, Helsinki and Leningrad to Moscow. Another route from US via Newfoundland, Foynes, London, Amsterdam, Berlin and Warsaw to Moscow. Also one connecting link from Iceland to London via Glasgow, and another from Amsterdam to Stockholm via Copenhagen.

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Transcontinental & Western Air: one route from US via Newfoundland, Foynes, Paris, Switzerland, Rome, Athens, Cairo, Palestine, Basra, Dhahran to Bombay. Another route from US via Newfoundland, Lisbon, Madrid, Algiers, Tunis, Tripoli, Benghasi to Cairo. Also a connecting link from Madrid to Rome.

Above route patterns are tentative and flexible in the sense that certificates cover countries and general areas, and airlines above authorized may serve other points in their areas after further approval from Board.

In announcing these route decisions the CAB recognizes that establishment these services is dependent on granting of appropriate permission by countries concerned. Inauguration of services also must await availability of four-motored aircraft for commercial operation.

Instructions follow.

  1. Sent to 20 American missions; a press release of July 5, 1945, on the subject of this telegram was sent to 26 diplomatic missions in Washington.