Council of Foreign Ministers Files: Lot M–88: CFM London Documents

Memorandum by the Soviet Delegation to the Council of Foreign Ministers

C.F.M. (45) 11

Procedure for Preparation of a Peace Treaty With Italy

united states delegation’s draft (c.f.m. (45) 2) as amended by the soviet delegation

1. The Governments of all countries formerly at war with Italy will be asked to give in writing their views on the Peace Treaty with Italy.

2. Those United Nations and other countries which were attacked by Italy and which are not represented on the Council, namely Yugoslavia, Greece, Albania and Ethiopia, will be invited to a meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers for the purpose of an oral discussion of those aspects of the Italian problem which particularly affects them. Greece will be represented as soon as possible after a democratic Government has been formed in Greece. This discussion will begin on 15th September, 1945.

Austria will be invited to express her views, particularly in connection with the Austro-Italian frontier. Italy will be invited to express her views.

Detailed representations by these States can be made in writing and may cover all questions of interest to them.

3. After receiving general directives from the Council, the Deputies and members of Delegations will draw up a full text of the Treaty.

4. The draft text of the Treaty will be examined by the Council at its next session.

5. After this discussion a full draft will be submitted for consideration to all the members of the United Nations entitled to sign the Treaty.