Council of Foreign Ministers File: Lot M–88: CFM London Documents

Memorandum by the United States Delegation to the Council of Foreign Ministers

CFM (45) 2

Italian Treaty Procedure

1. Those United Nations which were attacked by Italy and which are not already represented on the Council, namely Ethiopia, Yugoslavia and Greece, will be invited to discuss orally at the meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers the aspects of the Italian settlement which particularly concern them. This discussion will begin September 17. In this discussion the Council will be particularly interested to hear the views of the following states on the following subjects—

  • Ethiopia re Eritrea
  • Yugoslavia re boundary with Italy
  • Greece re Italian Islands in the Aegean Sea

Austria will be invited to present her views particularly with reference to the Austria-Italian boundary line. Italy will be invited to present her views particularly on all the above mentioned subjects.

A detailed presentation by these states may be made in writing which may cover all subjects of interest to them.

2. Following general directives given by the Council, the deputies and staffs will draft a complete treaty text.

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3. The draft treaty text will be considered by the Council at its next meeting about November 1, 1945, at which time the Council will receive the views of Italy as to the whole, and of other especially interested countries as to parts which particularly concern them.

4. At the conclusion of this discussion a completed draft will be submitted to all the United Nations eligible to become signatories.