740.00119 Councll/9–845

The Belgian Ambassador ( Silvercruys ) to the Acting Secretary of State 40

No. 5989

Mr. Secretary of State: On the eve of the meeting of Ministers of Foreign Affairs in London, which is called to apply the recent agreements of Potsdam to prepare treaties pertaining to the States which fought on the side of Germany, my Government has intrusted me with the honor of calling to the attention of the Government of the United States the interests of Belgium in the countries in question, and of informing it of the confidence with which she expects to be consulted, prior to any decision, at the time which shall be judged opportune by the powers participating in the negotiations.

In the case of Rumania, especially, where Belgium has important interests, the Minister of Foreign Affairs in Brussels is convinced that the Secretary of State of the United States and the other Ministers of Foreign Affairs in Council in London, will consider it their duty to consult the representative of my country before deciding what stipulations to make and what conditions to prescribe.

My Government does not doubt the concern of the Government of the United States and of the other interested Governments to agree on this point with its legitimate preoccupation.

I avail myself [etc.]

  1. The Acting Secretary of State informed the Belgian Ambassador on October 1, 1945, that the latter’s note had been referred to the Secretary of State in London.