800.4016 DP/6–645

The Assistant Secretary of War ( McCloy ) to Mr. William Phillips, Special Assistant to the Secretary of State

Dear Mr. Ambassador: In response to the cable which we sent to SHAEF55 concerning SHAEF policy on the return of displaced persons to the USSR, and the possibility of using Poles in connection with the zone occupied by U.S. Forces, we have received a reply from the Theater stating:

That displaced persons will be returned to the USSR if they claim to be Soviet citizens and their claim is accepted by the Soviet repatriation representative.55a
Eastern Europeans, other than Soviet citizens, whose districts of origin may become a part of the USSR as a result of territorial changes will not be returned to their districts of origin unless they so desire.
Instructions have been given to the Army groups to evacuate United Nations displaced persons, other than Soviet citizens, as far as possible, from that part of the Soviet Zone now occupied by Allied Expeditionary Forces.
Everything possible is being done to implement the gainful employment and activities desired by the military forces of Polish displaced persons and prisoners of war.
Preliminary estimates of the need for work in connection with the zone occupied by U.S. Forces indicate a minimum of 50,000 Poles may be usefully employed. An officer from SHAEF Headquarters is at present in the field completing his estimate of the actual number which may be gainfully employed and the uses to which this labor may be put. He has been designated as the AEF Coordinating Officer at the Supreme Headquarters charged with facilitating the employment of Polish personnel.

I trust that this will be of assistance in your discussions with the French and Polish representatives. If there is any additional information which you desire, I will be glad to be of any assistance possible.


J. J. McCloy
  1. Not printed.
  2. Regarding the United States policy relative to the repatriation of Soviet citizens, see footnote 28, p. 1161.