800.4016 DP/5–1445

The Polish Embassy to the Department of State

The Polish Government in London has learned that, in the course of the final adjustment of zones of occupation of Germany, the Soviet forces are to occupy in the nearest future parts of Thuringia and some other territories along the River Elbe at the present time still held by American forces.

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According to approximate estimates there are in the said zone between 100,000 to 200,000 Polish citizens forcibly deported there from Poland by the Germans.

In view of the present situation in Poland under Soviet occupation, the overwhelming majority of this contingent of Polish citizens does not wish to be repatriated to Poland. If they were taken over by the Soviet forces they would undoubtedly be forcibly repatriated to Poland or even deported to Russia against their will.

Considering the danger to which these people would be exposed, the Ambassador has the honor to call the urgent attention of the competent U. S. Military Authorities to this matter and to request that these Polish citizens, at present in Thuringia and along the River Elbe, be transferred westwards to territories which will remain in the American zone of occupation, before the territories above mentioned are handed over to the Soviet forces.