800.4016 DP/4–1045

The Estonian Acting Consul General in Charge of the Legation (Kaiv) to the Secretary of State

No. 27

Sir: During the occupation of Estonia by German forces many Estonian nationals were forced by devious means into the German army or labor services.

In addition to these a considerable number of civilians were transferred to Germany before the reoccupation of Estonia by the USSR last autumn. The total number of Estonian nationals at present in Germany is estimated at roughly 100,000, and they are believed to be widely dispersed all over Germany, including such parts of German territory which are already or may shortly come under the military control of the Western Democracies.

I consider it my duty to bring these circumstances to the notice of the Government of the United States of America, and to solicit its kind protection for these Estonian nationals whenever required.

In particular, I have the honor to appeal to the United States’ Government to prevent, while the Soviet occupation of Estonia lasts, the repatriation against his or her wish of any Estonian citizen found in the territory where American military control has been or will be established. I also respectfully request that no such an Estonian be turned over to the Soviet army or placed under the jurisdiction of any other Soviet authorities. Estonia is at present under the complete political and military control of the USSR and there is no national or international authority capable of averting possible political persecution of Estonian citizens.

Accept [etc.]

Johannes Kaiv