840.50 UNRRA/2–1945

The Adviser on Refugees and Displaced Persons (Warren) to the Second Secretary of the British Embassy (Everson)

My Dear Mr. Everson: I have received your letter of February 19 with reference to our earlier discussion on the possibility of securing action by the Council of UNRRA authorizing the Administration to care for and assist in the repatriation of Italian nationals [Page 1152] found in enemy or ex-enemy areas. This proposal is consistent with the general attitude of this Government with respect to the treatment of Italian prisoners of war and displaced persons and I have no doubt that it will meet with the support of the representative of this Government on the Council of UNRRA at its next meeting.

You suggest that in the event of agreement on the proposal in principle the subject be raised in the first instance in the European Technical Sub-committee on Displaced Persons. After full consideration of this suggestion in the Department I find that there is unanimous opinion here that the proposal is one of important policy which should properly be introduced in the first instance at the next meeting of the Council rather than in the Sub-committee for Europe or in the European Technical Sub-committee on Displaced Persons. As you state, action by the Council of UNRRA will be necessary in any event and as a meeting of the Council is already under discussion nothing will be gained in time in presenting the matter to the Sub-committee for Europe. The Council will of course decide at its meeting which committee of the Council should consider the matter in advance of consideration by the Council itself. It is quite possible that the Council will consider the proposal of such importance that it should be dealt with by the Committee on Policy of the Council in the first instance.

Sincerely yours,

George L. Warren