740.00119 Council/9–645

The British Chargé ( Balfour ) to the Under Secretary of State ( Acheson )

My Dear Under-Secretary: In his letter to me of the 24th August the Secretary of State conveyed to me a message for Mr. Bevin on [Page 109] the subject of the work of the forthcoming meeting of the Council of Foreign Ministers.

I have now been instructed by Mr. Bevin to thank Mr. Byrnes for his message and to say that he agrees that the question of the future of the Italian Colonies can best be treated in connection with the Italian Peace Treaty.

As regards the Far East Mr. Bevin has at present no specific subjects to suggest for discussion but he considers that the possibility ought not to be ruled out that certain Far Eastern questions may be ripe for discussion during the meeting.

I should be most grateful if you would cause Mr. Byrnes to be informed of the foregoing.

Yours sincerely,

John Balfour