The Canadian Prime Minister (Mackenzie King) to President Truman

My Dear Mr. President: I have been advised in strict confidence by the Canadian Representative on the Combined Food Board that the United States member has intimated to his colleagues on the Board the probability of the United States discontinuing meat rationing on or about December 1st.

I have recent and vivid impressions of the urgent need for supplies of meat in the United Kingdom and Continental Europe and of the extent to which they are relying on the co-operation of North America. It is, however, because of the great importance of close co-operation between our two Governments that I am sending this message.

In the course of several conversations we both have agreed on the great value of the intimate wartime collaboration through the various Combined Boards, and we have also agreed on the desirability of continuing a maximum degree of similar collaboration during the difficult months that lie ahead.

The discontinuance of meat rationing in the United States will raise questions of policy in Canada which will require most careful examination. In the light of desperate European needs during the coming winter we feel that we should not discontinue meat rationing at the present juncture, and it is our present intention to continue meat rationing in full effect.

In view of the pressing needs of Europe and of the likelihood that decisions of each country will react on the neighbouring government, I should like to suggest that no final decision be taken in this matter before there is opportunity for further full discussion in the Combined Food Board, or, if desirable, at a higher level.

Yours very sincerely,

W. L. Mackenzie King