840.50/4–445: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Ambassador in France (Caffery)48

1339. Department has today addressed notes49 to missions in Washington of French, Belgian, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Norwegian, Greek, and Yugoslav Governments informing them that payment will be expected for civilian supplies delivered to them during the period of military responsibility and that bills for such supplies will be rendered to them by the combined military authorities. Details as to desired payment arrangements will be communicated at the time of the first billing (which is expected to be in the relatively near future). Text of note will be sent you by mail. Department understands British and Canadian Governments are addressing similar notes today to these Governments through their missions accredited to the Governments.

Additional paragraph to be included in telegrams to Athens and London.

In the case of Greece and Yugoslavia, the missions were informed orally that we recognize the difficulties of their financial position will not permit them to make current payment for the supplies and that the [Page 1085] purpose of the note is primarily to record the fact of their indebtedness. For your information, we desire that the onus of stating the inability of these Governments to make payment should rest upon them.

  1. Repeated on the same date to London as No. 2614, for the Mission to the Norwegian Government as No. 10, and for the Mission to the Netherlands Government as No. 18; to Brussels as No. 256; to Caserta for the American Political Adviser as No. 301; to the Mission to the Yugoslav Government as No. 39; to Luxembourg as No. 9; and to Athens as No. 295.
  2. None printed.