The Department of State to the British Embassy 28


The Department of State refers to the British Embassy’s memorandum of February 12, 1945 in which are set forth the recommendations of the British Government as to the manner in which the ultimate burden of the cost of provision of civilian supplies on a combined [Page 1074] basis to liberated and conquered areas in Europe should be borne, in so far as the burden does not fall on the United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration. The Department understands that a similar communication has been addressed by the British Government to the Canadian Government.

The proposals contained in the Embassy’s memorandum under reference are acceptable to the Government of the United States. The Department of State is also informing the Canadian Embassy at Washington of the views of the Government of the United States. The Department suggests that, if the proposals are acceptable to the Canadian Government, they shall be considered as constituting an agreement among the three governments.

  1. A similar communication was addressed on the same day to the Canadian Embassy.